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Ejercicios y gramática sobre la apariencia fisica en ingles/ Exercises and grammar about the physical appearance in English

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Tipos de cabello
Tipos de cabello

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Grammar and vocabulary

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Whether it's for writing a story, or for witnessing in court or for police records, being able to describe a character can be important!
edit Steps1
Start with a general impression of body type./Inicia con la impresiòn general del tipo de cuerpo

The body can be a general description of main features. At about what height was your subject? Were the legs long and slender, or short and muscular? What about weight - overweight, underweight, sturdy? Long, elongated/delicate neck, or no neck at all? Short or long arms? Things like this give the listener/reader, etc. an overall idea. What is their general shape?

2Focus on detail.
What color was the hair?/ De que color era el cabello
Instead of using words like brown, blonde, black, red and so on, use words like chocolate, honey-wheat, raven-black, fiery orange. If the hair was brown, was it light brown, dark brown, shiny, matted, sweaty? If it was blonde, what type of blonde; honey-blonde, white-blonde, ash-blonde, dirty-blonde? Was the person's red hair more orange then red? Or was it buttery orange? The ethnicity? Notice the person's probable ethnic origin - African, Mexican, Asian, Caucasian. These are things to pay attention to.

Pay close attention to details3
Describe the face and eyes./ Describe rostro y ojos.
Close your eyes and visualize the person's features. This can be a little more difficult, but here are some pointers. One of the most obvious things when looking at a person can be any significant birth marks, scars, shape of face, freckles, etc. If they have no obvious markings, look at the eyes. Again, try to substitue words like blue, green, brown, hazel for words like steely blue, royal blue, sky/baby blue, or jade green, ivy green, apple green. If the eyes are brown, or brown hazel, you can say honey colored, or light chocolate with flecks of green. What kind of green? Clear, misty, dark, emerald? What sort of hazel: Grey-green, brown-green?

Describe the Face and Eyes
Recall the other features. Eyebrows, nose and lips. Were the eyebrows thin an arched? Were they thick and straight? Dark or light? Expressive or dull? The nose: Was the nose short, long, thin, wide? Was the bridge straight, concave, convex? Roman nose, pug nose? The lips, were they full or thin, cherry red, or soft pink? Were they open in smiles, or cruel? Try to give as much information as possible. Don't be an ordinary passer-by. Think, concentrate, pick up information.

Focus on other features5

Watch for piercings, tattoos and other artificial marks. /  Observa si tenia piercings(perforaciones), tatuajes o otras  marcas o cicatrices artificiales
These can be very distinctive and hard to hide. Look for scars on the hands and forearms. Look on the back of the neck for tattoos, notice whether there are additional piercings in the ears, eyebrows, lips or nose, cheeks, and examine the wrists or forearms for tattoos. Try to describe the tats as accurately as possible, including color.

Watch out for distinctive markings's-Looks-Well