miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

EXCEPTIONS TO USING THE DEFINITE ARTICLE "the"/ Excepciones para en el uso del articulo indefinido "the"


There is no article:/ En estos casos no se usa el articulo "the"

•with names of countries (if singular) / con los nombres de los paìses

Germany is an important economic power.

He's just returned from Zimbabwe.

(But: I'm visiting the United States next week.)

•with the names of languages / Con los nombres de las lenguas o lenguajes

French is spoken in Tahiti.

English uses many words of Latin origin.

Indonesian is a relatively new language.

•with the names of meals./ Con los nombres de las comidas

Lunch is at midday.

Dinner is in the evening.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day.

•with people's names (if singular):/ Con los nombres de la gente en singular

John's coming to the party.

George King is my uncle.

(But: we're having lunch with the Morgans tomorrow.)

•with titles and names:/ Con los titulos y nombres

Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth's son.

President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

Dr. Watson was Sherlock Holmes' friend.

(But: the Queen of England, the Pope.)

•After the 's possessive case:/ Despuès del caso del genitivo sajòn

His brother's car.

Peter's house.

•with professions:/ Con las profesiones

Engineering is a useful career.

He'll probably go into medicine.

•with names of shops:/ Con los nombres de las tiendas o comercios

I'll get the card at Smith's.

Can you go to Boots for me?

•with years:/ Con los años

1948 was a wonderful year.

Do you remember 1995?

•With uncountable nouns:/ Con los sustantivos no contables

Rice is the main food in Asia.

Milk is often added to tea in England.

War is destructive.

•with the names of individual mountains, lakes and islands:/ Con los nombres de las montañas, lagos e islas.

Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in Alaska.

She lives near Lake Windermere.

Have you visited Long Island?

•with most names of towns, streets, stations and airports:/ Con la mayoria de los nombres de pueblos,calles, estaciones y aeropuertos.

Victoria Station is in the centre of London.

Can you direct me to Bond Street?

She lives in Florence.

They're flying from Heathrow.

•in some fixed expressions, for example:/ en algunas expresiones fijas, por ejemplo:
by car

by train

by air

on foot

on holiday

on air (in broadcasting)

at school

at work

at University

in church

in prison

in bed