miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

Practica de pasado simple, con vocabulario miembros de la familia en una conversación

Simple past dialogue by atikva on GoAnimate

Elephant: hi, how are you?

Zebra: I am Ok. What about you!

Elephant: I am Ok too. Did you visit your grandparents last weekend?

Zebra: Yes, I did. They were very happy in their new house.

Elephant: That is great! Were your cousins , aunts and uncles there too?

Zebra: Yes,they were there. I talked with my cousin Carlos , he really enjoys talking about jokes and my gradparents laughs a lot.

Elephant: My grandmother does not have a sense of humor but when somebody falls down she really laughs and so do I.

Zebra: Ha, ha, ha. Look at that man over there! He has just felt down, I also smile when someone falls down except when that happens to me.

Elephant: Ha, ha, ha. That is reallly funny. Oh no, he is my brother. Ha, ha, ha.

Zebra: That is your brother? ha, ha, ha What a Bad luck he has!